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I feel like this is a good description of Oregon
unclemother: *walks into school* actually, no thanks *walks out* (via mrsreckless-withacapital-r)


*walks into school* actually, no thanks *walks out*

(via mrsreckless-withacapital-r)





okay i just wanted this on my blog because it’s one of the best things i have ever witnessed.

Hipster cred restoration. 

This post is perfect.
“a series of poems i. alex i still visit your grave, i place flowers every month, i hope they intertwine with your soul and blossom into something beautiful but not even as close to as breathtaking as you, it was supposed to be me, cars are nothing but gasoline fueled weapons. ii. monica i hope you’ve been doing well, you hid a map in your smile and a compass in your embrace, i had only closed my eyes for a brief moment before you left, when the tsunami of tears swept over us i held you close, but i could never keep you warm, so you found safe haven on separate shores, i hope one day tides will bring you back to me, i’m still in love with you. iii. mother mother please don’t cry, i’ve been shining so brightly for you, if you ever feel like you’re breaking with every word, hold your arms around me, look to the stars, i am the galaxies, i am the universe, and i am shining so brightly for you. iv. anxiety i am sick of being invisibly chained by my own mind, every time somebody tries to touch me or my thoughts i can only imagine every fucking scenario of them taking my life, i am sick of being riddled by anxiety, i am sick of thinking every person i am not comfortable with wants to spit acid down my throat, i am fucking sick, don’t touch me, please don’t touch me.”